hall of polymers


The Hall of Polymers Pvt. Ltd. is Polymer Company providing various products. The HOP ensures that all business process are tailored towards client needs and there satisfactions.

natural plastics

Natural Plastics

Plastic is manufactured by two main sources natural and synthetic. We aim to manufacture 100% eco friendly and biodegradable product to save our environment.

bio polymers

Bio Polymers

Bio polymers are the polymer product which degradable in nature and saves our environments. We manufacture verities of biopolymer products like shopping bags, cutleries, mulching papers.

scaffolding net


On the building or construction sites a flying object seriously damage or injure workers. Scaffolding net or safety nets covers your building in safety manners, protect workers and nearby structure from damage. Our scaffolding net is also use for protecting the construction sites from wind, cyclone and sandblasting. Our cost effective scaffolding net are manufactured from virgin HDPE materials polyethylene monofilaments. Our safety net protects your working labor from injury.

Brain Chamber Polysacks are the unique manufacturer, exporters and suppliers of scaffolding net or safety net base at appachiwadi Karnataka, India. It protects your building construction sites from natural calamities like rain, cyclone or storm. Our scaffolding net are strong enough, durable in nature, light weight, wear and tear resistance, moisture resistance and economically best and easy to handle and install.

Why Scaffolding Net?

Today civil construction sites are increasing tremendously. During the building construction of apartments worker safety is the most important part, worker who works at the height or the outer portion of apartment must be protect from falling.

Scaffolding net or safety net plays an important role for the protection of workers in under construction projects. Mostly it protects and prevents the serious accidents while working at the more efficient heights. Scaffolding net has a god advantage over the forms of fall protections.